Solas An Lae School of American Irish Dance

Tuition & Registration

New York's groundbreaking educational and performance institution of American Irish Dance.

Founded by Deirdre Lowry in 1998


April 3rd - June 21st* (12 Week Semester)

Winter Registration Day-Open House/Saturday, December 10th 9am-12pm

Registration fee ($25) applies to all students enrolling after December 10th.

Classes are Priced:

60min/75min Classes:  $16.50 per class

90min Classes:             $17.50 per class

120minute Classes:      $19 per class

120/150min Classes:    $19.50  per class


Young Dancer Program:

Beginner (Ages 4-8)

Levels 1-7 (Ages 6-10)

Intermediate Dancer:

Levels 8-10  (Ages 9-14)

Advanced Dancer:

Levels 11-12  (Ages 14-19)

Spring 2017 Tuition

Classes meet either once or twice per week. 

Extra practices, Fitness Classes & individual sessions may augment weekly classes. SAL Dance Company Students attend two/three additional rehearsals per week (no rehearsal fees).

Beginner: $200.00

60minute class/12 Classes

Class meets once per week.

Levels 1-7  $420.00

90min Class/24 Classes

Class meets twice per week.

Levels 8-10  $455.00

120/150min Class/24 Classes

Class meets twice per week.

Levels 11-12  $470.00

120/150/180 min Class/24 Classes

Class meets twice per week.